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Winning the lottery is not easy, that’s why you visited sites like this and others.

When looking for a winning strategy,  stay away from sites that suggest you can easily win with their strategy or report high winning rates with their programs.

If it was as easy to win the lottery as they suggest, then they would all be millionaires  and wouldn’t need to sell you their schemes.

Pick a strategy that makes sense to you.  If some vendor does not want to tell you their strategy in advance, then run the other way.

You can increase your odds of winning, there is no doubt to that.  But the lottery is still random and winning is not easy.

Before you invest any money, back test a strategy.   That means you look at past results, apply the strategy and see if it would have won money for you.  If you are serious about winning, you need to back test first.  We use a program we designed especially for back testing and other strategies, it’s called Lottery Slayer.

We will post new material to this site on a weekly basis.   We will recommend lottery programs that we have tried and had some success with.  We will always tell you and many cases show you our success.   When we recommend a program we may earn a commission from that vendor.  But again we only recommend sites we have successfully used.

Please share with us your successes and any questions you have on how to win the lottery.

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GOOD luck to you!